Terry's Joke Collection Volume One: Animal to Bar Jokes By Terry Eade

Terry's Joke Collection Volume One: Animal to Bar Jokes

By Terry Eade

  • Release Date: 2017-01-30
  • Genre: Humor


This is the first of nine volumes of Terry's Joke Collection. The collection has been broken up into separate volumes to keep each book under a thousand pages. This has been done for storage and data transmission purposes. There are fifty-two chapters in the entire collection, with each chapter covering a specific category of jokes. This makes it easier to find a joke, which fits the occasion or topic. In this volume, the chapters are: Animal Jokes, Aviation Jokes, and Bar & Pub Jokes. Although the number of chapters in each volume vary from three to ten, each volume contains about the same number of jokes. A complete listing of all volumes in this series is provided at the end of each book.

Each Joke has a title in the table of contents in the appropriate chapter so that it can be accessed directly by just clicking on its title. The jokes are also annotated to let the reader know if it is appropriate for the occasion or audience where you are telling the joke. This scale is explained at the beginning of each chapter. Even if you are reading for your own pleasure, make sure to take note of the rating designation so that you are warned in advance that a joke may be racier or raunchier than you would like.